It’s in the Bag: Jacob reviews Skunk Bags, the #1 Smell Proof Bag on the Hydroponics Market

May 31, 14 It’s in the Bag: Jacob reviews Skunk Bags, the #1 Smell Proof Bag on the Hydroponics Market

Bags and what bags help you do are increasingly important. Transporting product from here to there is a necessity in states with 420 laws. Keeping product fresh is important everywhere.

There are two types of bags:

– Oven Bags
– Skunk Bags

Let’s discuss these two types of bags and get to the real issues because there is fair amount of hogwash floating around on this subject.

Over Bags comprise almost all of the companies—True Liberty, Black Magic, Turkey Bags and many other names. These bags were designed to put a bird into and cook that bird in the oven. Period!

Oven bags now come in dark colors to protect your “delicate” products from the sun. As if you were going to leave your delicate products in the sun in the first place.

Skunk Bags were designed to house, keep fresh and transport herbs, flowers & plants used for essential oil production. In France for instance, the manufacturing of perfumes is a closely held secret and one of the reasons why France controls over 90% of the world fragrance market. It is big business! Keeping plants and roots used for essential oils, fresh and not letting those plants mix with one another during transport is key. Not letting any “bleed through” from one bag to the next is key in the fragrance manufacturing market. Purity of product is paramount to producing a unique fragrance.

Skunk bags are extremely thick, made of different materials than oven bags and they have a zip seal at the top! These bags were designed exactly for storing and transporting fragrant plants. This is a no brainer folks!

While oven bags force you to tie a knot at the top and then fight to get that knot out when you need to open the bag, what they are really doing is making you damage your product when you need to undo that knot!! Skunk bags are so far ahead of oven bags that it is a wonder why the oven bags are still being used. Skunk bags are available in many sizes, with and without gussets so they will stand upright on a table and skunk bags are showing up everywhere in dispensaries around the country. These are the bags of choice and for good reason.

Read more about these bags at the official Skunk Bags website

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